The Sims 3 Review

The Sims 3 Review

What started off as a spin off from maybe one of the most iconic line of games of all , the SimCity and other genre titled games  has become a smash hit all on its own. With fans from all walks of life and spanning all levels of gamers, everyone from the kids getting their first taste of the digital world to hardcore pros looking for a slower and more relaxed game to bite their teeth into will find that and more with The Sims 3.

Just about one of the most recognizable franchises in the history of gaming, it would be impossible for you to find even a handful of people that haven’t played or at least were not aware of The Sims.

While the first couple of Sims games were designed more to give you the freedom to create a world and then allow a Sim to live in it, The Sims 3 is definitely more about the social world and the interactions you will be able to have with the other players in the platform. You have incredible range to become whoever you want to in this game  from a fine and upstanding business person with some weird quirks out of the office to the kind of low level hussy we all have been aquatinted with at one time or another  ,a real home wrecker. Your favorite digital people are back for real with The Sims 3.

With their latest offering hitting just about every gaming platform out there, there is a lot of stuff to love about the new iteration of this smash hit “lifestyle simulator”

One of the most incredible things about the new iteration of The Sims  aside from the fact that it is on almost every single gaming platform, console, computer, and smartphone/tablet out there  is the sheer amount of customization that you’ll be able to enjoy. Players familiar with the older Sims games will be treated to the ability to construct and build your own home down to the last detail, but it’s in the interactions that this game really sets itself apart.

The older games had the interactions as a side effort and something that had very little impact on the gaming itself ,they were more about making choices regarding the environment your Sim lived in and what impact it had on them than inter-Sim relations (though there were some of these moments peppered throughout). The Sims 3 really cranks social interaction and social simulation to the next level, with all of your action having a very real and lasting impact on the way the game unfolds. Combine this with next generation graphics that might not be as cutting edge as some of the first person shooters or RPGs out there, and you’ve got a game you can sink hours and hours into without even thinking about it.

And though all of those things described above make one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable gaming experiences anyone from a broad range of different interests could have, the fact of the matter is there are some rough spots that knock this game down a bit ,not too far, mind you ,but a bit.

This is not to say that The Sims 3 doesn’t have its own shortcomings , because it does, they are just more manageable and easy to avoid when you consider all of the positives this game brings to the table. Most of the problems in the game will stem from the fact that you can do just about anything you want in The Sims 3, but the goals to accomplish are all over the place and so scattered that coming up with a cohesive gameplay can get pretty daunting. If you’re all about freewheeling it and flying by the seat of your pants this is probably no big deal  a lot of Sim players play this way ,but you’ll notice just as they do that the game gets pretty stale when you have nothing in your sites to achieve.

With a little bit of practice and some creativity you’ll be able to structure the game just enough that you’ll find it liberating to do what you want when you want while still in the pursuit of a digital brass ring, so to speak. This is the fun of The Sims 3, where the little world and everyone in it is literally under your influence.

One of the most fun games to eat up some time and enjoy yourself, this is definitely the best entry in the Sims line of games. A time sink for sure but also a source of frustration for people not used to so much control, going into this game to either kill time or accomplish goals can be as simple as plugging away in your down time or marathon multi-hour sessions of game play. A lot of fun to just bang around in and not take too seriously, the Sims are definitely back with The Sims 3.