A Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Review

The Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium is version 12 of Nuance Communication’s Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software.

Version 12 offers a more advanced speech recognition program along with new features that any user would want to have to increase productivity and boost software convenience.

Dragon Naturally Speaking ReviewSpeech recognition software is designed to allow PC or portable users to directly interact with their tools with just their voice.

Speech recognition makes so much difference when you are dictating documents, creating spread sheets and even developing presentations on various topics.

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking family of software programs are designed to provide utmost convenience without affecting the quality of speech recognition, accuracy of commands and the overall use of your computer systems.

Check out the features and the pros and cons of the latest Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, the version 12 Premium.

What is the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is all about?

The Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12 Premium edition offers better convenience with improved accuracy, better dictation performance with the use of correction and editing options and new Smart Format Rules.

These new features will allow you to format corrections easily like using abbreviations, numerical symbols and so much more.

Your dictated text will look exactly what you expect with the Premium edition of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

And with only the Premium 12 edition, you will enjoy more natural Text-to-Speech Voice to let you edit text with extra functions like fast-forward, rewind, volume controls and speed controls.

These functions make it easier to correct, proof read and do all other tasks as you dictate.

What are the features of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium?

  • With natural sounding Text-to-Speech that will let you review your work by reading it back to you.
  • With new Smart Format Rules for easy detection and formatting of corrections
  • With the ability to merge with Gmail and Hotmail providing you with full text control and other popular email commands to give you full control of your email through voice.
  • Compatible with a Bluetooth wireless headset so you can dictate minus the wires
  • Comes with an interactive tutorial to help you with dictation, making corrections and how to properly edit your work.
  • Compared to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 is 20% more accurate.
  • You may use a compatible device like an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to work as your microphone for easy dictation.
  • With the ability to select the BestMatch V speech model for faster performance when you use the program on a computer with multiple core processors and more than 4GB RAM.
  • With faster and more efficient correction capabilities to control your work
  • Comes with DragonPad a built-in text editor that will help you use the software with various Windows applications.
  • With an easy to use interface that will make the software more efficient and more practical to use.
  • Works with Microsoft Windows  Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server
  • Needs a sound card to support 26-bit recordings and comes with a Nuance noise-cancelling headset plus microphone

Pros & Cons of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking


  • With the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium you are guaranteed with fast, reliable and accurate dictation. It has 99% accuracy with a proven three times faster than regular typing. The features also allow you to make corrections right on the spot making your work appear more natural and of course very accurate.
  • The software comes with easy to use interactive tutorial simulations that will teach you so much in just a matter of minutes like how to dictate properly, how to make corrections, how to create texts and how to make editing in the most efficient manner. Beginners or those who have never used Dragon NaturallySpeaking before could use the tips on the Tip of the Day window to improve his dictation skills.
  • The interface is so easy to use even for a beginner. There is really very little that has changed from the version 11 but rest assured that the software is way faster and more accurate than ever before.
  • You will also delight in being able to use your other portable devices like a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to work as a microphone for remote dictations. This will even help you dictate in the most natural and the most effective manner rather than being stiff and uncomfortable in front of your computer.
  • The Dragon 12 will also help you access and work with other Windows applications that you are using every day. Imagine creating spread sheets, using Word and OpenOffice Writer with just your voice. You can also send and answer email from Outlook and Windows LiveMail with this software. You can create presentations through PowerPoint and even search the web using popular browsers without touching the mouse or the keyboard. Finally, you can enjoy your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium.
  • You can multitask to your heart’s content with the use of this speech recognition software. You will be able to finish most of your work in the least possible time as well as have more time for other things like relaxation, movies, friends and family.


  • Most that have used the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium were impressed of the superior accuracy however there were users who cannot tell what was better: version 11 or 12 considering that there were hardly any noticeable differences at all. Many were also afraid to upgrade in fear they will lose the features that they have grown fond of using with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.
  • There were complaints that the Nuance noise cancelling headset did not provide the best sound quality and to use another headset with microphone brand instead.

Is it worth buying Naturally Speaking Prekium

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is a must-have for any beginner or anyone who have never used any voice or speech recognition software before.

It has handy features to have and useful instructional material to improve your talent and skill in dictation and editing. It is certainly a great value for your money.