StarCraft 2 review

As one of the oldest and most popular computer games of all time, people have been waiting for the next iteration of the StarCraft for some time – more than 10 years to be exact.

But while Blizzard has been making blockbuster after blockbuster, a lot of fans were beginning to think that they had forgotten about their beloved Real Time Strategy game – only to sink their teeth into StarCraft 2 to find the game they loved but upgraded in some very major ways.

Still allowing you to control three different space races in an effort to do battle all over the galaxy, you would be beyond hard pressed to find a StarCraft 2 review that didn’t talk favorably about the new game.

Keeping much of the game play elements intact and only really looking to add and improve in very specific areas, you’ll find one of the tightest and most exciting campaign and multi player modes offered on any platform. This is a game you cannot ignore.

StarCraft 2 Review

More of an evolutionary sequel than a revolutionary upgrade, the fact of the matter is that a lot of what made you fall in love with the first StarCraft is back – but much of it is even better than ever.

Few people would argue with you that he original StarCraft really set the tone for everything that an RTS game needed to be – with some of the best of its time graphics, amazingly deep and interesting story lines, and the kind of combat and control system that made everything and all of your decisions important.

Much of the same core of gaming has been brought forward to the new StarCraft 2, with upgrades that push this entry over the top.

Much more of a smooth evolution than a revolution, this is not a knock against what has again defined the top of the RTS gaming mountain.


Graphically though everything has been cranked up to an entirely new level, just as you would expect from a modern title.

The attention to detail is incredible though, not only in the areas you would expect (the battlefields look incredible as do the units you will be commanding) but also in the little things that might have gone unnoticed.

Everything in the war takes a beating and you’ll see that damage reflex all over.

The units that are fortunate to come out of an engagement alive will be torn to bits and show obvious wear and tear, but the field of battle will also reflect the beating it has taken.

Sure, when you zoom out into the macro of things the graphics are a little less than stunning, but when you climb right down to battlefield level to command your troops you’ll see just how much time and effort Blizzard took in making sure this title looked as great as possible.

Customization options in the campaign open up an almost endless amount of ways to play the game and get your StarCraft 2 fix.

A common thread that you will find in all different StarCraft 2 review posts out there is that the depth of the game has only been increased – while you will still be in control of the same three races from the first game and will need to play smart to vanquish your foes, the level of detail and information you need to process and account for has gone through the roof.

All of the units you can command have their own specific impact on the way the game plays out, and you’ll need to make sure you keep your head on a swivel to beat your galactic enemies.

STARCRAFT II: Customizations

On top of the depth and customization of the armies and units you can command you’ll also have the chance to create the game scenarios of your dreams.

All of the campaign and multi player features are totally customizable, allowing you complete control over all aspects of the game.

You’ll be able to choose different maps, different rule sets, and anything else you desire to fine tune the experience to your specific desires.

The real star of the show in StarCraft 2 is obviously the multi-player game modes – and much of it has been tooled to make sure you are playing people at an equal level to crush any chance of frustration.

And while the campaign mode is a ton of fun and a great way to hone your playing experience before you jump into the multi-player fray, online is where the most fun and challenge is, at least according to many of the StarCraft 2 review videos and articles you’ll find out there.

While the first game had support for locally battling your friends, you’ll be able to take the fight to anyone all over the world with this latest iteration.

You will need to go through the StarCraft 2 proprietary game technology to connect with different people, which can be a real hassle for some, but once you get the hand of finding rooms and getting into battles you’ll have all kinds of fun.

The Verdict StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

All in all  this is the kind of game that RTS lovers all over the world fell in love with but so much more – you would be crazy not to at least give the new StarCraft 2 a shot and experience one of the best PC games on the market.

If you’re a fan of RTs style games there is no chance that you’ll be missing StarCraft 2 – but even if you’ve never led your galactic army and mercenaries against another race somewhere in the corner of the universe you would do well to at least check out this new title.

StarCraft 2 offers everything you could ever want from a top of the line title, and the second you see that Blizzard is the developer behind the effort you know you’re in for something that is going to push the genre to the limits.

Don’t be shocked if you find yourself dipping out of the game just long enough to write your own StarCraft 2 review.