Top 5 Features of iPhone 6 revealed

iPhone is considered as one of the leading brands in the mobile industry. They have been one of the giants that keep on surprising every consumer on their newest products. Technologies today don’t seem to get tired. It is because it is almost every day where this big brand and other local manufacturers are releasing their newest product with the hippest specs and features. The iPhone 6 is just one of the newest smartphone released this year’s second quarter. Consumers have been waiting for this to come out since their amazing features are widely presented in the online industry. Though formal announcements and promotions are not yet present still because it is already famous, many would try to leak some info just like the Top 5 features of the new iPhone6


The quality of a smartphone doesn’t rely on its size, but somehow the size can tell your preference. The bigger the phone the wider the screens are but it doesn’t assure higher quality. Sometimes, the gadgets might differ in size, but still the quality and durability are still the same. The iPhone 6 is believed to have a 4.7 inch device and a 6.9 mm thick. Another important factor for smartphones is the thickness.


The iPhone 6 still has its trademark in designs, though they haven’t changed much with their latest phone, but still the design is fitted to suit your taste. There can be a more detailed look at how the iPhone 6 could look like, but one thing is for sure, apple did everything to make this newer version better from other series. They said that several changes will be present and helps you to have a better yet high quality service. The apple industry has redesigned this version, specifically with their speaker grills, bezels and panel. Still, the iPhone 6 will come out with the same three major colors for iPhone, which are gray, silver and gold.


If the information around the internet is true, the iPhone 6 will have a triple screen retina resolution. This basically provides a clearer image and realistic effect. The 4.7 inch device is aiming to have a better image processing. There are still several speculations on which of the information were true since many consumers are already asking for the specs and other facts about this product. The display process of a smartphone simply attracts the majority population of the mobile industry.


Changes in specs for iPhone 6 are quite expected since along the run of a trial period there are several chances that the phone can do better with different materials. Just like how possibly they can upgrade both the hardware and software for iPhone 6. Many are looking forward for a 20nm processor, which can be better to make the iPhone 6 one of the best in the series. The atmospheric sensors are said to be upgraded also, everyone in this industry knows that upgrading the specs before the release date is much more advisable than pulling out to make some changes. Leaked information, the iPhone 6 is said to have an 802.11ac Wi-Fi, making your connection better than ever.


The best way to know this new version is to compare two phones at the same series. The iPhone ds have an 8mp which is already good and worth price, but other versions are coming out having a 13 MP which is the iPhone. The quality of images taken from smartphones are very important not just to prove the quality of that smartphone, but also to make sure that it is worth the price. Remember that the reason why the films are out because of the digital capacity of your smartphones, making sharing and printing of pictures easier than ever before.