Purchase Rosetta as a Download and Save up to $100

4 good reasons why you should purchase Rosetta Stone (and other software) as a download.

Amazon software & games downloads  is a service provided by Amazon that makes it easier to buy software through their online store, and in many cases, obtain a free sample of commercial products. In many cases, it provides other benefits to customers, and in case you want to buy Rosetta Stone, there are 4 certain benefits of buying it from there

  1. It ships faster than any mail forwarding company:- you no longer need to wait for your software to ship to you, even fast mail companies takes at least 1 day to deliver your software to you. and you will save on shipping fees as well
  2. You save $100 when you buy the 5 levels in many languages:- not only will you save on shipping fees, you will also save $100 when you purchase the 5 levels of any language, be it Spanish ,French ,German ,Italian  or English
  3. You can download it as much as you want for your personal use:- Has your computer crashed? do you need to download it for re-installation? no problem, you can download your purchased Rosetta Stone as much as you want. And you can do that any time, not just when you buy it. Note that the number of computers you can install your software on may vary
  4. The product key is stored in your library:- You no longer have to maintain your product keys of your software, because your Rosetta Stone product key is stored in your Software Library.