How to Use JIO 4g SIM in 3G Phone – 3 Easy Steps – 100% Working

Reliance JIO SIM card is the hottest baby in India these days, everyone want to grab it.

In order to use JIO SIM you need to have a 4G mobile phone, but there are many people don’t have a 4G (LTE supported) smart phones and they don’t want to buy yet another smart phone only for using reliance JIO SIM card.

And they are right, why buy a 4G mobile phone when you can use it in your 3G mobile following few simple steps.

We have outlined 3 different ways using which you can use your 4G SIM card in a 3G phone, following are the different steps.

  • Method One
  • Method Two
  • Method Three

Note: use these tricks on your own risk – we are not responsible for any damage that may/or may not happen to your phone or data whatsoever.

Method 1 – How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phone

  1. Download an app which reveals any hidden shortcuts on your phone, such as this one Shortcut Master (Lite) – its free.
  2. Install the app on your Smartphone
  3. Open the app and select “Engineering Mode” or “Service Mode” from the main menu
  4. Here find system APP OPTION if this option is not available then dial *#2263# from dialer app. Now Go to Key Input and Enter 0000 and Wait some times.
  5. After that select System app option and you need to change LTE bands.
  6. Now go to Select – Protocol – NAS – Network Control – Band Selection – LTE Band and select Band 40.
  7. After that restart your 3G phone and enjoy reliance JIO 4G SIM in your 3G phone.

We have tested this on Lenovo A850 successfully and it’s working fine. Hopefully it will also work on your phone, if it didn’t work on your 3G phone let us know by commenting on this article and we are more than happy to help you.

The other 2 methods are need external devices and not directly work in a 3G phone instead it works indirectly. Wondering how? Let’s find out below.

Method 2 – How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phone

The second method required you to spend some money and buy a wi-fi 4G enabled donglesuch as this from Reliance JIO. Listed below are some of the best selling wi-fi sticks you can buy.

  1. After buying the 4G wi-fi dongle, all you need is insert your 4G JIO SIM card into dongle and start it
  2. Start your wi-fi, you will see your dongles’ wi-fi will be listed in the list, connect your 3g mobile to the 4g dongle, in this way you can still use your 3G phone and use the 4G service of you SIM card. But you can’t make call using this method.

Method 3 – How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phone

In this method you actually do need a 4G phone but with a twist (kind of). Buy a cheap 4G phone and use it as a wi-fi dongle. In this method you have advantage of using multiple 3G phones to connect to your 4G phone which is acting as a router/wi-fi dongle now. Here is how to do it. Follow these steps in the 4G phone in which you have inserted JIO SIM.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Wireless & Networks”
  • Tap on “Hotspot”, and then enable “Personal Hotspot”, after starting the hotspot, your 4G Smartphone will act as a wi-fi dongle

Steps to follow in your 3G phone

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “WLAN” and scan, your 4G phone’s wi-fi will be displayed in the list
  • Connect to your 4G’s wi-fi and you can enjoy 4G services in your 3G phone

If you are still wondering “will a 4g SIM work in a 3g phone or not” than get in touch with us by commenting below and explain your case briefly, one of our expert will go through your issue and try to provide you a fix.

Things you should be aware of

You should be aware that there are some technical limitation, so even if your 4G SIM works in 3G phone you won’t get the 4G speed (the first method) what it actually does is use the 3G network and deliver the 3G speed which is way slow compare to the 4G speed.

Here is a very interesting article you should read about speed difference.

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